How to write high quality papers?

Conclude from the course of cyberbase security teaching by prof. Zhou.

Four kinds of papers:

  1. Survey papers (recommend to PH students in the first year)
  2. Theoretical papers
  3. experimental papers
  4. hybrid of three kinds above

Characteristics of all high quality papers:

  • Novelty
  • Evidence, benchmark and best practice
  • Thorough analysis
  • Well structure <note your contributions directly, originality, novelty>
  • Constant improvement

Some ways to improve your papers:

  • Present draft paper in your group for interactive disscusion
  • feedbacks can be carried out.

Contents of your paper

  • Mathematics
  • programming implementation
  • simulation


  • conclusion is important
  • simulation tools: SSFNet Simulator, Clickmodular router etc.


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